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John. As a cat.

(via paris2london)

Another Elephant!

(via elephant march fabric by endemic for sale on Spoonflower - custom fabric)


Me on a saturday morning…

WATCH this (it is great): let’s look at the world a little differently. Coke plays around with the expectation of what a security camera captures.

Made me cry...I'm a sap.

Symmetry. This will never get old.

What if your house could make money for you? Auction off your sunny, unused roof space with Gridbid.

Vote! Amazing videos and it is for a great cause!

NBA Rookie of the Year Dresses as an Old Man and Schools everyone!

World’s Best Bartender! John…you have some work to do!

Amazing…Best proposal ever!

Pianists in Paris

In high school, when my mom tried to hug me in public

For my dad…


THE BURIED LIFE: 20 Things I Should Have Known at 20.

20 things I am still learning…#theburiedlife